Silentium launches deployable space surveillance system


Passive radar manufacturer Silentium Defence has launched a new, world-first ‘observatory-in-a-box’ capability for improved Space Domain Awareness and Space Traffic Management.

Designed and built in Australia, the deployable observatories combine Silentium’s MAVERICK S passive radar for detection and tracking of objects in Low-Earth-Orbit, with custom built, off-grid cabins for rapid, covert surveillance of space, at any location.

MAVERICK detects sources of radiation such as radio and radar signals, but does not emit and hence is undetectable itself.

Silentium CEO Dr James Palmer said: “This solution addresses the biggest challenge in low-earth-orbit observation to date.

“Existing radars and observatories are high-cost, fixed infrastructure assets that can take years to build and cost tens to hundreds of millions to bring online and operate.

“Low-earth-orbit has never been more dynamic, congested and contested than it is today, and this trend is set to continue.

“That environment demands more agile, deployable solutions that can be dropped in and switched-on whenever and wherever you require surveillance of the sky, up to low-earth-orbit, and everything in between.”

Dr Palmer said this need was why the company had built its deployable ‘observatory-in-a-box.’

“Taking all the advantages our MAVERICK S has to offer, including low-cost and covert surveillance, and adding rapid deployment without constraint, to enable more agile and accurate data collection for more informed decision making in air and space.”

Chairman of Silentium Kim Scott said there had been an exponential increase in new space objects, which combined with a deteriorating geopolitical landscape made for a high-risk and high-stakes operating environment.

Scott said: “Gaps in catalogued data and arcs of space we can’t currently watch offer greater opportunity for nefarious activities that put our critical space-based services and assets at risk.

“Smart, agile, cost-effective solutions that can fill gaps in current capability and support targeted operations are precisely what’s needed to ensure safe and sustained access to space. That’s what this capability offers, and it is what the market needs.”

Picture: Silentium Defence

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