Skyborne Technologies raises cash to fund UAV development

Brisbane UAV maker Skyborne Technologies has raised $5 million (US$2.45) to further commercialisation of its Cerberus GL micro tactical UAV.

Cerberus is designed as the world’s lightest armed UAV, weighing only six kilogrammes, with the company targeting the defence and law enforcement market.

The capital raised was from a private institutional investor based in Abu Dhabi, UAE who seeks opportunities with tech start-ups in the early stages of growth.

The company said the investment establishes an aggressive tech development timeline to get Cerberus GL to market.

“Within six months a live firing demonstration will be performed to demonstrate the capabilities of Cerberus GL.

“The following 18 months will allow Skyborne to refine the platform for commercialisation efforts in anticipation for customer trials and sales.”

The UAV features a unique tri-tilt rotor airframe, with the package able to fire multiple 40 mm grenades then return to the soldier for re-loading..

Endurance is 22 minutes.

Cerberus, a multi-headed dog that guards the gates of the Underworld in Greek mythology, was also the name of a powerful Victorian warship.

Picture: Sykborne Technologies/ Cerberus GL

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