Smart cities packed with manufacturing opportunity

With the world already 50 per cent urbanised business opportunities abound by meeting the needs of city hotbeds of growth and innovation.

But the rise of smart, connected cities has added new layers of opportunity for agile engineers, manufacturers and service providers.

From green buildings and building monitoring and management to wi-fi, data analytics, energy generation and conservation, smart cities are far more complex than simple bricks, cement and glass.

Today’s infographic from Visual Capitalist captures just some of the areas where new products are being developed, retrofitted and included in new construction.

They fall into six broad categories – infrastructure, buildings, utilities, transport, environment and life/living.

Cisco estimates that smarter cities will have impressive increases in efficiency: using many of the above concepts, cities can improve energy efficiency by 30% in 20 years.

Simultaneously, it’s estimated that the broad market for smart cities products and services will be worth $2.57 trillion by 2025, growing at a clip of 18.4% per year on average.

Check the detailed graphic here.

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