Southern Launch prepares for rocket launch

Four South Australian companies are putting the final touches on the VS03 mission that will launch a rocket and state-of-the-art payloads into space before the end of the year.

Southern Launch, ATSpace, Asension and Inovor Technologies have collaborated on the mission which will see an ATSpace ‘Kestrel I’ rocket launched from the Southern Launch Whalers Way Orbital Launch Complex near Port Lincoln in November.

On board the rocket will be an Inovor Technologies spacecraft integrated with payloads designed by Asension and Southern Launch.

The ‘Kestrel I’ launch vehicle, a 10 metre, two stage, sub-orbital rocket developed by Korean-owned ATSpace, will launch from Whalers Way and reach an altitude of over 200 kilometres above Earth.

The trajectory of the launch will be over the Southern Ocean with the total time of flight approximately 10 minutes.

The Southern Launch payload will use existing satellite phone technology to track the rocket as it travels through space removing the need for traditional ground-based infrastructure.

During the time in flight, Southern Launch, Asension and Inovor Technologies will monitor their payload and test communication protocols.

Southern Launch CEO Lloyd Damp said: “The VS03 mission is incredibly exciting. It is a realisation of the incredible work and collaboration that is happening right here in South Australia and testament to our position as the space capital of Australia.”

Inovor Technologies founder and Chief Executive Officer Dr Matthew Tetlow said: “It’s a great example of what’s possible when four companies like ours collaborate.”

Ian Spencer, CEO of Asension said: “Having access to space from Australian soil is a game changer for our R&D efforts.

“This launch will accelerate the development of our technology in way that has not previously been possible. This means that we can provide greater sovereign capability sooner.”

Picture: Southern Launch

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