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Southern Launch puts finishing touches to space launch range

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Rocket range operator Southern Launch is putting the finishing touches to Australia’s latest permanent spaceport ahead of its first launch.

New launch facilities at the Koonibba Test Range north of Ceduna in outback South Australia are almost ready for the launch of German manufacturer HyImpulse’s SR75 rocket.

The launch will will test HyImpulse’s hybrid propulsion technology which combines paraffin wax and liquid oxygen – a non-explosive fuel that simplifises rocket handling and logistics.

Steel company Ferretti International and hydraulic engineers Hydroil manufactured the transportable rocket launcher being used for the test.

State Deputy Premier and Minister for Defence and Space Industries Susan Close inspected the new facilities, which have been developed since 2017 in a partnership between Southern Launch and the Koonibba Community Aboriginal Corporation.

It is claimed to be the largest commercial testing range in the Southern Hemisphere.

Minister Close said: “This marks a pivotal moment for South Australia’s space industry, facilitating the launch of remarkable missions, welcoming space returns and serving as a crucial testing ground for local and global space pioneers to advance their technologies.”

Picture: (L-R) Jenna Holder, Kevina Ware, Geraldine Ware, SA Deputy Premier Susan Close and Southern Launch’s Lloyd Damp

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