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Space Machines reveals Australian space payload

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Australian in-space transportation provider, Space Machines Company (SMC) has revealed the payloads to be launched into space by SpaceX aboard the Optimus OSV spacecraft bus (pictured).

SMC’s Optimus OTV, one of the largest commercial spacecraft designed and manufactured in Australia, is almost complete, according to the company.

Space Machines took to social media and said: “But this week has been all about the payloads we are hosting for our Australian customers.

“They may not be much to look at now, but these three compartments hold advanced technology from five Australian space start-up companies.

“The Rollout mission will give flight heritage to these companies and their hardware, a vital step towards commercialisation.”

Hosted Compartment 1 contains the Esper Satellite Imagery ‘Over The Rainbow’ hyperspectral imager and the Spiral Blue ‘Space Edge’ computer.

Hosted Compartment 2 contains the HEO’Holmes’ imager.

Hosted Compartment 3 contains payloads from Sperospace ANT61 and Dandelions

“Our final hosted payload is the top solar panel, which is a joint project by CSIRO and Space Machines Company to test a Printed Photovoltaic Film technology for space applications.”

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Picture: Space Machines Company

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