SpaceWorks to launch from Koonibba Test Range


US company SpaceWorks Enterprises has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with rocket range operator Southern Launch to use Koonibba Test Range in South Australia for Re-Entry Devices (RED) returns.

SpaceWorks is an aerospace company manufacturing advanced space transportation systems, including a line of atmospheric Re-Entry Devices (RED) to enable low-cost, autonomous re-entry of payloads from Earth orbit.

The Koonibba Test Range, located in the outback and covers 15,800 square miles, making it suitable to accept the returns of space technology from orbit.

SpaceWorks Vice-President for Defense and Space Systems Tyler Kunsa said: “With this next phase in our development process, we will continue to pursue our goal of offering the lowest price payload return capability from orbit.

“Current delivery services are far too expensive to enable commercial product development and open up the space frontier.

“We aim to change that.”

The MoU will establish a collaborative relationship between SpaceWorks and Southern Launch to investigate facilitating the return of the SpaceWorks RED vehicles to the Koonibba Test Range.

SpaceWorks are currently developing their range of RED vehicles which will enable on-demand cargo return from space.

Southern Launch CEO Lloyd Damp said: “This MoU with SpaceWorks well and truly showcases to the world that Australia is the place for in-space manufactured technology to return to Earth.

“We have the land, the expertise and a regulatory framework that enables us to accept the returns of this ground-breaking technology for our customers.”

Southern Launch also operates the Whalers Way Orbital Launch Complex on Eyre Peninsula.

Picture: Southern Launch

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