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Sparc deveops anti-microbial graphene

Manufacturing News

Advanced materials company Sparc Technologies has demonstrated bactericidal properties of its graphene based additives in an epoxy coating system.

The company commissioned Flinders University, Adelaide to evaluate the coatings using an internationally recognised standard ISO 22196.

The bactericidal activity was demonstrated in relation to Escherichia Coli, a commonly found and harmful bacteria.

Graphene when added to a coating demonstrated complete destruction of E-Coli compared to the same coating with no graphene, with further work continuing to optimise results.

Sparc managing director Mike Bartels said: “Graphene is continuing to demonstrate its unique properties that impart significant improvements to the graphene applications that Sparc is developing.

“(This) encourages us to develop a product for a multitude of anti-microbial coatings applications ain multi-billion dollar markets.”

The company sees potential in areas such as hospitals, public areas, food preparation facilities, drinking water systems anti-fouling for shipping and for wastewater systems.

Graphene is a form of strong and conductive carbon a single layer of atoms thick.

Picture: Sparc Technologies

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