Sparc Hydrogen meets goals for catalytic production of hydrogen

Technology development company Sparc Hydrogen is on track to meet key project milestones in proving the feasibility of an Australian technology that produces green hydrogen through the use of a thermo-photocatalyst and solar radiation, avoiding more traditional and costly electrolysis.

Developed by the Flinders and Adelaide universities, the technology has the potential to create significant energy efficiencies and a cost advantage with low capital and operating expenditure required compared to renewable energy and electrolysis.

Sparc Hydrogen, an offshoot of graphene technology company Sparc Technologies, told investors in an investor presentation that a preliminary Techno Economic Assessment (TEA) for Sparc Green Hydrogen technology on track for delivery in Q3 2022.

Sparc Executive Chairman Stephen Hunt said: “Sparc is pleased to report that significant progress is being made with the Sparc Hydrogen JV and importantly, the release of the preliminary TEA is on track to be delivered this quarter.

“Developments with the project continue to be very positive on a number of fronts and in particular in relation to the economic benefits that this game-changing technology may deliver.”

The company has appointed a ‘highly regarded engineering consultant’ to complete a gap analysis and costing review of the technology.

Sparc is targeting announcement of TEA results during the current quarter which will demonstrate the relationship between Solar to Hydrogen efficiency (STH %) within the ranges targeted in the R&D phase, as well as Levelised Cost of Hydrogen (LCOH).

Hunt said multiple options to optimise the system and opportunities for future development have been identified through completing the preliminary TEA which will be updated as R&D work progresses.

“Various designs of solar reactor have been developed and tested with a focus on improving reaction rates and gas flow.

“Research continues to demonstrate advances in STH percentage under a range of conditions in the solar reactor.”

Fortescue Future Industries is an investor in Sparc Hydrogen.

However FFI is also hedging its hydrogen bets – the company is also building one of the largest electrolyser factories in the world in Gladstone, Queensland

Sparc Hydrogen said that it lodged a patent application lodged in Q2 2022, with opportunities for other patent application filings relating to additional photocatalytic equipment now being explored.

Picture: Sparc Technologies

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