Sparc Technologies to develop ultra-green hydrogen

Graphene development company Sparc Technologies and the University of Adelaide have joined forces to develop ultra-green hydrogen that can be manufactured without electrolysis and solar PV and wind energy.

The two will form a joint venture company Sparc Hydrogen majority owned by Sparc to develop the technology that produces hydrogen through the use of a thermo-photocatalyst and solar radiation.

The partners believe the technology can be achieved with a low capex and opex that can meet current 2030 cost targets of less than $2 per kilogram of hydrogen produced.

Sparc told investors: “(This) means that renewable energy from wind farms and/or photovoltaic solar panels does not needs to be exploited for hydrogen production, nor does the process of electrolysis need to be employed.”

The next generation technology was originally developed by Adelaide and Flinders universities, with Sparc providing graphene coatings.

The creation of hydrogen directly from sunlight and water is potentially globally disruptive as green hydrogen is emerging as the energy source of tomorrow, and a substitute for Australia’s current massive LNG exports.

Sparc Technologies has received firm commitments to raise $2.8 million through a share placement to finance its part of the deal.

Sparc Technologies is an Adelaide company that is focusing on commercialising graphene-based technologies for large industrial markets for marine and protective coatings, environmental remediation and bio-medical applications.

Picture: University of Adelaide

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