SPC, Visy and Rinoldi Pasta make to give to the needy

Food manufacturer SPC, packaging manufacturer Visy and Rinoldi Pasta have joined together to manufacture and supply pantry staples to Australia’s largest food relief charity, Foodbank for vulnerable Australian individuals and families.

The companies produced 230,000 cans of Spaghetti and Tomatoes at the SPC Factory in Shepparton for those in need, and hosted a site tour (pictured) to demonstrate what companies can do to tackle a corrosive social problem.

The Foodbank Hunger Report 2022 revealed over two million households across Australia experienced severe food insecurity, and on any given day in Australia, more than half a million households struggle to put food on the table.

SPC Chair Hussein Rifai said: “Australians are experiencing some of the most insecure and stressful times in history, as we continue to recover from the global pandemic and navigate through ongoing strain from increases in cost of living.

“SPC is committed to delivering Better Food for the Future, and as part of this mission, we are proud to continue giving back to our communities and supporting important initiatives such as the Foodbank Collaborative Program to do our part in helping create better lives for our fellow Australians.”

SPC has supported The Foodbank Collaborative Supply Program for many years but this year, SPC wanted to elevate the collaborative event to maximise awareness by hosting an official gathering at the SPC factory in Shepparton.

Attendees included SPC Chair Rifai, Foodbank CEO, Brianna Casey, donating supplier representatives including Visy General Manager, Brian Thiele and Sales Manager, Jordan Coall and media partners.

Foodbank Australia CEO Brianna Casey said: “In 2022, SPC donated 67,300 kilograms of tinned tomatoes and spaghetti for Foodbank’s Collaborative Supply Program and with the support of SPC, Foodbank sourced 82 million kilograms of food and relief groceries for vulnerable Australians.

“Without amazing partners such as SPC, Rinoldi and Visy, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do – help put food on the table for the more than one million Aussies we help every month.”

Visy’s Thiele said: “Visy is proud to support the Food Bank initiative at SPC for another year in 2023.

“The cans donated by Visy will contribute to the final volume of 230,000 filled units provided to Food Bank to support the delivery of meals to those in need.”

Picture: SPC

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