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Spiral Blue edge computer powers India in space

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Bengaluru, India based KaleidEO has successfully conducted machine learning data analysis in space utilising Sydney edge computer manufacturer Spiral Blue’s SE-1 space edge computer, enabling them to become the 1st Indian company to demonstrate edge computing.

Combining Spiral Blue’s expertise and SE-1 computer in orbit, KaleidEO’s road mapping machine learning algorithm resulted in a 99.7 percent data size reduction from 1,004 to 3.063 mb, using AI hardware developed by Spiral Blue.

Founder and CTO of Spiral Blue James Buttenshaw said: “For the first SE-1 in orbit to enable two nations to make history within weeks of each other is a monumental achievement.

“We are excited to see what our AI hardware and YCIS program bring next.”

The collaboration is part of Spiral Blue’s Your Code in Space (YCIS) initiative which is available to developers, researchers and innovators to run their custom code on Spiral Blue’s cutting-edge SE-1 space edge computer, facilitating real-time AI processing on satellite imagery.

KaleidEO COO Arpan Kumar Sahoo said that this technological advancement not only propels India onto the global stage but also empowers governments and industries to make informed decisions by increasing the value of information generated per bit.

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