Spiral Blue edge computer proven in space


Edge computer manufacturer Spiral Blue has announced what it calls a major breakthrough in the field of space-based Earth observation (EO).

The company released operational data from successfully running proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms in space, ‘opening up new horizons for AI-powered advancements in monitoring and understanding our planet’.

This comes after making history in April as the first Australian company to successfully operate a Space Edge Computer.

According to a statement: “The compact yet powerful Space Edge One (SE-1) computer designed and launched by Spiral Blue is built to withstand the harsh conditions of space, whilst enabling the use of state-of-the-art AI algorithms.

“This enables near real-time analysis and decision-making based on the vast amount of Earth observation data collected during space missions.”

Since SE-1 was comissioned the computer has been operating flawlessly in space, demonstrating the ability to process complex tasks and facilitate swift decision-making.

CEO of Spiral Blue Taofiq Huq said: “This is a huge step forward for Spiral Blue and for the global Earth observation ecosystem.

“Now that we’ve completed our commissioning, we’re ready to help our customers test their software in orbit.”

He said the AI algorithms running on these computers have proven to be invaluable in optimising Earth observation missions, improving the accuracy of data analysis, and providing timely insights for various applications, including cloud detect.

The mission was partly supported by an Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre Commercialisation grant.

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