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Sprintex industrial blower production ramps up

Manufacturing News

Compressor engineering and manufacturing firm Sprintex has begun production of its high-speed industrial blowers, with plans to begin production of even larger blowers next month.

The first phase of production for the G15 blowers aims to produce around 50 units per day, with production of the G26 blowers on track to start next month.

The G15 industrial high-speed blowers are designed for a number of different applications, including food grade operations. They can also be used in wastewater treatment and aquaculture.

“Current production rates will satisfy immediate demand and plans are underway to increase production to meet expected increased demand,” Sprintex MD Jay Upton said.

Sprintex had raised $1.3 million in July to fund production equipment and parts inventory for the industrial blowers and e-compressors.

The company said the G-series also includes a built-in user interface and PLC, allowing for the use of ‘smart pulse aeration’ and also helping to reduce energy consumption.

It went on say the company’s new production facility also provides the ability to manufacturer an e-compressor range for hydrogen and methanol fuel cell applications, supporting the expansion of lower energy fuels.

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