Stormseal manuactures better storm recovery

The Australian made Stormseal system for protecting buildings hit by storm damage recently passed its toughest test – surviving a Swiss alpine winter.

The system, which replaces tarpaulins which rarely give a good result after a rain or hail event, was installed to protect a damaged roof at an altitude of 3,900 metres near Zermatt.

After a battering by winds up to 200 kilomtres an hour, it was completely intact, according to Stormseal Industries CEO Mattthew Lennox.

Lennox developed the idea after a hailstorm, creating a polyethylene film that heat-shrinks to cover a damaged structure and stays until permanent repairs are made.

The company makes the film and critical dimension welding jigs needed on the job in Sydney and at a company factory in the United States. Tool boxes are made in Queensland.

“We can tailor the film to fit any roof or wall by a patented welding process – you can’t do that with a tarpaulin,” said Lennox.

“Not only is Stormseal superior, it’s also cheaper than tarps.”

Lennox received a federal government grant to commercialise Stormseal several years ago.

Picture: Stormseal Industries

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