Strategic Elements progresses printable electronics

Perth company Strategic Elements has demonstrated its nanocube data storage device (pictured) to a major printed electronics conference in Finland involving 50 companies in the field of printable electronics.

The company’s Sydney product engineers, at its subsidiary Australian Advanved Materials, have been working with the University of New South Wales, CSIRO and VTT Finland to develop data storage devices printed directly onto surfaces such as glass and plastics.

AAM has licensed the technology from the University and has concentrated development on the computer memory and data storage areas.

The company has developed a RRAM (resistive random access memory) device, a form of nonvolatile storage that operates by changing the resistance of a specially formulated nanocube memory ink.

The transparent ink contains billions of nanometre scale particles which, when printed onto a surface and assembled with electrodes, operate as a computer memory.

The company holds US patents relating to RRAM memory and methods of manufacture.

Strategic Elements is a federal government registered pooled development fund which innovates by combining leading scientists and innovators from different fields.

AAM has successfully scaled up production of nanocube ink and achieved stable yield of operating storage printed devices on glass and plastics.

It fabricated an access control system with the University and integrated it with a transparent display and touch sensors.

The company said in its conference presentation: “The initial version showcases the transparent nature of the nanocube memory and the ability to print functional memory onto glass.

“A writable device was demonstrated (and) further performance enhancements (are) expected.”

Picture: Strategic Elements

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