StrikeMaster takes Bushmaster to the maritime domain


Thales Australia and Kongsberg Defence Australia will today launch the StrikeMaster land-based maritime strike system as part of its offerings at Land Forces 2022 conference.

The StrikeMaster combines Thales Australia’s familiar armoured single-cab Bushmaster protected mobility vehicle with Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace’s (KDA) Naval Strike Missile (NSM) Coastal Defence System .

According to Thales the marriage of the two provides the Australian Defence Force with a potent, disruptive and proven land-based maritime deterrent.

With a range of more than 250km, the NSM has the ability to penetrate the defence systems of its primary target, heavily armed modern combat ships of opposing navies.

Arriving in Australia mid-year, the NSM modules were taken to Bendigo. where they were fitted to on a waiting Bushmaster utility vehicle.

Dubbed by Thales as ‘the darling of the ADF’s armoured vehicle fleet’, Bushmaster has seen service in Afghanistan and, most lrecently in Ukraine.

Picture: Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace/Naval Strike Missile

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