Sunshine coast manufacturer powers ADF

A Sunshine Coast generator set manufacturing business has won a$47.4 million federal government contract to manufacture and supply 1,350 field power generator systems for the Australian Defence Forces.

The generator systems will be delivered over the next four years under the Land8140 Tranche 1 acquisition programme, with the first scheduled for delivery in January 2023.

The contract more than doubles ‘s revenue, and will create 25 to 30 new direct full-time jobs at its Sunshine Coast, Queensland facility.

Eniquest will also provide more than $12 million worth of subcontract work to other Queensland component manufacturers and entail a $5 million construction project to enlarge its facilities at Bells Creek.

Eniquest has also signed a contract for support through the contract and options for further buys which is expected to grow the overall contract value to well over $50 million.

Managing director Don Pulver said: “These generators will be the most advanced and the most robust systems in the world.

“They will be easy to use and maintain.

“We are always thinking of our soldiers in the field and how we can equip them better so they can better support us.”

Pulver said electrical power was key for our modern-day defence forces.

“Considering the current situation in the Indo-Pacific Region and the Australian reliance on the offshore manufacturing supply chain, it is crucial to have Australian Sovereign Capability that can produce quality electrical power that will enhance and ensure the use of sophisticated electronic equipment on the battlefield.”

Eniquest is an experienced defence supplier, providing onboard electrical power and air-conditioning for the Bushmaster protected mobility vehicles for Australia, New Zealand, and Jamacia.

It provides onboard power for Australia’s trailer mounted satellite communications systems and military field power generators to the New Zealand defence force.

Picture: Eniquest Diesel Generators/Don Pulver

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