Supashock to export missile launch pods

Adelaide’s Supashock Defence Technologies and Germany’s Rheinmetall have signed a major contract to supply Missile Launch Pods (MLP) to the Hungarian Armed Forces.

The agreement will see 84 missile launchers exported under a two-year contract, creating approximately 25 jobs within Supashock and a further 85 roles within the local supply chain.

Developed in conjunction with Rheinmetall Electronics and Rheinmetall Land Systems Germany, the MLP’s design was achieved with Supashock’s expertise in kinematics, mechatronics, electronics, composite design, analysis and rapid prototyping, according to DefenceSA.

The use ofcomposite materials – compared to traditional metal alternatives – offers a light-weight structure that maintains strength and rigidity.

CEO of Supashock Oscar Fiorinotto said the technology brings a new niche to SA’s defence sector.

Fiorinotto said: “This contract from Rheinmetall will further boost Supashock’s export activities and cements the capability of our sovereign defence industry.

“Supashock is proud to play our role in Australia IP development and manufacturing.”

Rheinmetall CEO Armin Papperger said the product would be integrated into the Australian-made Lance Turret aboard the Lynx Infantry Fighting Vehicles being supplied to the Hungarian Armed Forces.

Papperger said: “The integration decreases target-ability and, when fitted with armour plating, provides additional protection.

“The modularity of the MLP offers capability for multi-platform application, [and] the architecture can be modified to suit many land and sea applications.”

Picture: DefenceSA

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