Swoop Aero drone logistics serving Singapore Straits

Urban aviation infrastructure company Skyports is leveraging Australian Swoop Aero’s technology-based drone logistics system, successfully completing ship to shore landings in the Singapore Straits (pictured).

The feat represents a significant milestone for both organisations, who are pushing the boundaries of drone innovation, creativity and technological ingenuity, according to Swoop.

“Over the coming months, Swoop Aero and Skyports will continue to scale up this technological innovation to support impact-driven partners in the South East Asia region effectively transport routine and emergency supplies from ship to shore thereby revolutionising the traditional transportation process.

“This is just the first iteration of marine-based transportation processes keep your eyes peeled for more Swoop Aero and Skyports technological innovations in the coming months.”

Swoop is best known for its remote area drone deliveries of essential medicines, utilising the Australian-built KITE electric unmanned cargo aircraft.

Aerospace composites manufacturer Quickstep is supplying Swoop Aero with engineering, tooling and manufacturing services for KITE, which is in the process of achieving its US Federal Aviation Administration certification.

KITE can carry a payload of up to five kilograms, at a speed of up to 200 kilometres per hour, for a range of up to 180 kilometres on a single charge.

Under an initial production run Quickstep is supplying aircraft ship sets worth $1.5 million.

Picture: Swoop Aero

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