Sydney Manufacturing Hub to install new hot isostatic press in January


The University of Sydney research facility, Sydney Manufacturing Hub, has invested in a hot isostatic press (HIP) machine from Quintus Technologies, with installation at the university’s Darlington campus scheduled for January next year. 

HIP uses a pressure vessel, high pressure gas, and high temperatures to consolidate parts, increasing their density and strength and removing defects such as porosity. 

The machine adds to the Hub’s array of additive manufacturing-related equipment, including machines able to print in metal, polymer and ceramic materials, as well as heat treatment, characterisation and post-processing.

According to a statement from the Västerås, Sweden-based machinery company, the Hub invested in a “new press model QIH 15L M URQ® + URC®, equipped with several proprietary features” to streamline the workflow and maximise the density, ductility and fatigue resistance of treated parts.

“Our new HIP capability will address a significant gap in the AM community in the Australian region and further offer the potential for SMEs (small and medium enterprises) and start-up companies to access this critical process,” said Professor Simon Ringer, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research Infrastructure), University of Sydney.

The statement lists the hot zone of the model as 186 millimetres in diameter and 500 millimetres high, with a press operating at a maximum pressure of 207 MPa (30,000 psi) and a maximum temperature of 1,400 Celsius. The value of the unit was not given.

Picture: credit Quintus


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