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Sydney start up begins spacesuit design effort

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Sydney startup Metakosmos and UTS, Sydney will collaborate to optimise design for a future Australian astronaut spacesuit.

UTS has been awarded a grant under the New South Wales (NSW) Space Research Network’s (SRN) Seed Project Program to collaborate with Metakosmos on the Digital Optimisation of Spacesuit form & fit.

The SRN Seed Program supports early-stage space technology startups with high potential for growth and innovation and promotes collaboration between academia and industry, expanding the space industry capabilities.

The output aims to solve the customisation of spacesuits for different body shapes and sizes through proprietary digital optimisation techniques.

This will be a game changer for designing and producing spacesuits of the future with custom fits & sizing for all body types, according to Kiriti Rambhatla, CEO, Metakosmos.

Rambhatla said: “We look forward to the support from UTS and collaborating with Dr. Nico Pietroni whose work on geometry processing mesh parametrization and digital fabrication will be path breaking for this collaboration.”

This recognition in the SRN Seed Program further solidifies the company’s position as a promising contributor to the evolution of space suit design & development-related technologies.

Metakosmos is a startup based in Sydney that focuses on developing next-generation spacesuit technology.

The company has participated in defence incubator programmes and collaborates with research institutions such as CSIRO.

In 2023, Metakosmos received an Innovation Award at TechConnect in Washington DC, as well as the Space category award at the inaugural SXSW Sydney.

The company is in the process of building the first commercial spacesuit platform.

Picture: Metakosmos

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