Sypaq’s cardboard drones used in Ukraine


Engineering and systems integration company SYPAQ’s unique cardboard drones are in service in Ukraine, and even took part in a recent bombing raid of Russian airports according to some media reports.

The company’s Corvo Precision Payload Delivery System (PPDS) can launch, fly up to 120km and land by itself, delivering supplies or providing a low-cost surveillance capability.

However the reports are the first time that the cardboard drones can also be loaded with explosives and used for offensive operations.

SYPAC has previously revealed it hosted a parliamentary delegation from Ukraine at its Defence Autonomy Centre of Excellence in Fisherman’s Bend, Victoria to inspect the drones (pictured).

Now media including Channel 9 Entertainment has reported SYPAQ’s were among a swarm of Ukranian drones that struck five Russian fighter jets on the weekend in a kamikaze drone attack on the Kursk airfield in Russia.

In March the Ukranian delegation inspected the production line for the Corvo PPDS being provided to Ukraine by the Department of Defence through funding announced by the federal government in July, 2022.

Also known as the ‘cardboard drone’, the supply of the PPDS capability to Ukraine was first revealed during the Avalon Air Show, with the waxed cardboard drones being delivered as flat-packed ‘capability bricks’ of 100 aircraft each month.

SYPAQ Chairman, George Vicino said : “As a veteran I am so proud that SYPAQ is supporting the Ukrainian Armed Forces as they fight for their country’s sovereignty.

“It was an honour to host the delegation and show them the work we are doing to innovate and improve the PPDS based on their feedback.

“Australia’s autonomous systems sector is world class, and this kind of innovation demonstrates of our capacity for sovereign innovation and design.”

It has been pointed out that SQPAQ’s cheap and cheery concept would fit the bill for the Department of Defence’s recent call for proposals for high volume drone manufacturing in Australia.

The department issued a Request For Information (RFI) which is an ‘industry engagement activity’ for the Advanced Strategic Capabilities Accelerator (ASCA)’s first innovation challenge.

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