Talga’s graphene protects ship’s hull

A graphene-enhanced coating produced by battery anode and graphene company Talga Group has successfully weathered a year protecting the hull of a 33,000 tonne cargo ship.

The company’s Talcoat coating has experienced 15 months of corrosive, real-world conditions at sea, inhibiting corrosion in a way that is less toxic than current hull coatings.

Visual inspection indicates the product is matching or exceeding commercial standards.

The test, the world’s largest single test of the carbon-based material, has since been extended to coat a second container ship, Robin 1 (pictured blow).

Talga managing director Mark Thompson said the tests demonstrated graphene working in the tough conditions of commercial shipping.

“Additionally, we can now produce our graphene as a by-product of our battery anode manufacturing process.

“We are demonstrating a global leading low-cost and scalable graphene additive supply for large volume industrial products.”

Graphene is a super-thin form of carbon only one atom thick.

Talga is now extending its range of Talcoat products, with a focus on replacing toxic chemicals and metals in coatings.

Pictures: Talga Group

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