Talga’s Li-ion battery anode outperforms

Australian materials developer, Talga Resources (ASX: TLG) has completed positive commercial testing of lithium-ion batteries fabricated with its graphite Talnode-C anode.

The tests, one of a number underway with a range of technical and commercial partners, was performed in Italy by IV Electrics, maker of the Lacama electric motorcycle (pictured).

The batteries were subjected to benchtop tests designed to replicate extreme real world conditions, including driving at high speed up Italy’s steep Stelvio pass.

The test checks the ability of a battery to collect fast charge regenerative current from braking after a high-power discharge due to acceleration in low temperatures.

Talga, which is developing a range of graphite and graphere products, said battery cells with Talnode-C anodes outperformed the endurance of market leading commercial cells by up to 36 per cent.

They also demonstrated the fast charge, high power, and low temperature properties of Talnode-C anodes translate well to the full cell-level.

Talga Managing Director, Mark Thompson said: “We are delighted that Talga’s Li-ion battery
anode material has proven itself again in tests for a premium electric vehicle manufacturer such as
IV Electrics and their high performance Lacama.

“We look forward to further development of our premium range of Li-ion battery products utilising Talga anode material technology and the unique intrinsic properties of our Swedish mineral resources.”

As uptake of electric motorcycles mature there is a trend from low performance city scooters towards high performance road bikes such as the 3D printed Lacama.

The motorcycle can accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in less than four seconds and has a top speed of 200 km/k.

Talga says the tests demonstrate the potential for batteries with less thermal management and materials, reducing cost and weight, while increasing energy density.

Picture: IV Electrics/The Lacama electric motor cycle

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