Tasmanian built barges’ long voyage to Romania

Two large ships barges built by Taylor Bros. in Tasmania have completed a long voyage to Romania where they will serve as tenders to Australia’s new Antarctic science ship now under construction.

The barges, Nuyina LB 1 and Nuyina LB 2, will carry 45.5 tonnes of personnel, cargo and research equipment to and from the parent vessel, RSV Nuyina.

Pictured being unloaded by Schenker logistics in Rotterdam, design of the barges owes much to Tayloy’s experience building similar craft for use on the Aurora Australis, the predecessor vessel to RSV Nuyina.

Aurora Australia has had a long career of service supplying Australia’s three Antarctic research bases operated by the Antarctic Division, department of science.

The design allows for high bollard pull jets, resulting in a fast, multi-purpose transport craft well suited to tough environments.

The barges were dispatched on 10th February from Hobart, and had arrived safely in Vlissingen by the third of June.

Taylor Bros. a third generation family business headquartered in Hobart, has supplied the Antarctic Division for 25 years.

It has provided upgrades and maintenance to the organisation’s supply and research vessels and Antarctic infrastructure.

Picture: Schenker/barge unloading in Rotterdam

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