Value-added products from agricultural waste

A great yarn on Landline over the weekend about Rob and Krista Watkins, the husband and wife team behind Natural Evolution. They spent half a dozen years commercialising a way to turn bananas that would be thrown out – they might not be pretty enough to sell at supermarkets – into gluten-free flours and other products, which are now exported.
They are currently looking at ways to salvage value from sweet potatoes, which are going to waste all over the country due to a glut.
“It’ll run through a final mill and a sieving process, and then you have an amazing, super-rich, concentrated powder that you can add to savoury cooking, sweet cooking and other raw energy products,” Rob Watkins told the program of their aims. The couple have previously won a prestigious Edison Award for their processing technology, and are looking to create value-added products from other fruits and vegetables.
Good luck to them. Wasted food is a terrible thing.

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