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The importance of How it’s Made – Australia – video

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Over the past weeks the Australian Manufacturing Forum and @AuManufacturing’s partners Cahoots and David Koch’s AusBiz have been out talking to manufacturers about our new video series How it’s Made – Australia.

The reception has been positive as manufacturers warm to the potential of a service modelled on the Discovery Channel’s hugely successful How It’s Made television series, now in its 32nd season.

In today’s video, Cahoots producer John Hosking talks to @AuManufacturing’s Peter Roberts about the state of manufacturing today, and the importance of manufacturers telling their stories through the power of video.

Hosking said the series would be showcasing ‘the best and the most innovative in how we make things in the lucky country.

“The breakthroughs in technologies, techniques, materials and marketing that are getting the country back on its feet after decades of dependence on foreign imports.”

The Forum is giving manufacturers the chance to work with us on video presentations of their manufacturing operations that will reach a qualified online audience of tens of thousands.

Videos will be published on @AuManufacturing news website and the Ausbiz network.

Produced by our partner Cahoots, each 5 – 7 minute video segment will include location footage, graphics and scripted narration, with the videos further developed into a regular series aimed at Australian television audiences.

Further information from Peter Roberts, editor: [email protected]

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