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The new reinventors: learn about manufacturers who’ve pivoted at this October 5 web event

Manufacturing News

No two days are the same when running any business, even at the best of times. But sometimes, companies will be forced to fundamentally reinvent what they’re all about.
Many manufacturers will move from one line of work to a new one, either organically or because they saw disruptive change ahead.
One famous example is Intel betting everything and moving out of DRAM and into logic chips in the 1980s. Closer to home, there are many, many Australian auto suppliers that adapted to the end of local passenger car assembly last decade by developing new products and/or markets.
Or you could consider adaptation stories among food and beverage companies, which regularly witness changing tastes and opportunities.
So why do manufacturers pivot? What are the signs it’s needed? And how can they use technology to navigate change successfully?
Join this webinar, moderated by @AuManufacturing editor Peter Roberts and sponsored by Fusion5, to learn more about the drivers behind such important decisions and how technology helped ensure success.
DATE: Thursday, 5 October
TIME: 11:00 AM (AEDT) 
DURATION: 50 minutes 


Dario Valenza – Founder, Carbonix
Ross George  – Managing Director, Austeng
Bernie Quinn – Engineering Director and Partner, Premcar
Craig Potter – Solution Architect, Fusion5

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Manufacturing News

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