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The world stills sees Australia as only a source of resources – by Jeffrey Lang

Analysis and Commentary

The latest Harvard Kennedy School Economic Complexity Index (ECI) rating has seen Australia’s ranking plummet to 93rd, placing us between Uganda and Pakistan in the bottom third of monitored nations for economic complexity. Here Jeffrey Lang points to the root of the nation’s industrial problems.

The problem is Australia’s sovereign capabilities is centric to still being perceived as a colony by our adopted parents the UK and USA.

It is in their best interests to exploit our resources, commodities and brains trusts for their economic benefit.

Secondly our Australian Industry primes have exploited our natural resources to help build China’s civil infrastructure from Aussie iron ore and coal to the detriment of our own sovereign growth capabilities.

Thirdly our Universities sold their soul for profits especially with China and India students being priorities over educating Australians and now we suffer with a lack of brains trusts to create the next generation of technologies for commercilaisation.

Australia has eroded to unseen levels of incompetence on the ECI index as it lacks the skills to commercialise technology into the world markets.

The commercialisation system in Australia is broken and sadly our government is more focused on being woke and lobbying for multinational corporations that provide political donations to them.

To fix a problem requires root cause analysis and the elephant in the room is the “inferior malfeasance” that has seen unprecedented incompetence controlling this great Aussie nation.

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Jeffrey Lang Jeff is an experienced senior executive and board director with expertise in start-up companies in advanced technologies. With 35+ years of industrial commercialisation of new research, patent IP, advanced materials and manufacturing technologies across mutiple industry sectors. Jeff is Executive Director of Agentel, a company that specialises in commercialising new Australian Technologies from Universities as well as SME’s and individual inventors.

Picture: Jeffrey Lang

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