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This is how far Grant Tinney is prepared to go for charity

Analysis and Commentary

Many industrial leaders and companies are active and generous in the charity space, but few are prepared to go as far as Grant Tinney, Founder, Chairman and CTO at STÄRKE Advanced Manufacturing Group.

Tinney took to social media to celebrate one of his boldest achievements – helping create and participating in the 11th annual Marilyn Jetty Swim which raises funds for Cancer Council SA supporting initiatives in cancer prevention, research and support.

This year the annual event taking place next weekend has attracted a record 660 Marilyn Monroe look-alikes who will converge on the beach by the Brighton Jetty in South Australia.

Tinney and his partner Marilyn Sarah Tinney founded the swim following her mother’s diagnosis and subsequent passing from cancer.

Grant Tinney said: “Well swim is not quite correct. After the Starters Gun we depart the beach and paddle as elegantly as possible atop inflatable rings to the cheers of thousands of onlookers wearing platinum blonde wigs, red lippy, a beauty spot and vintage bathers.

“As a bearded man, wearing a platinum blonde wig, this event is quite confronting, however cancer doesn’t care whether you are a man, woman, child, old or young.

“Having lost my Mum and many, many friends to cancer a few hours of embarrassment at the end of the day is inconsequential.”

Those who sign up

Who’s up for a leisurely paddle?

More information and to donate go here. Registration comes with wig and sunglasses – but you will have to buy your own swimsuit and rubber ring.

Picture: Grant Tinney

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