Titomic enters UK and Europe tooling market

Industrial scale additive manufacturing company Titomic will supply tooling carbon fibre parts produced using its Titomic Kinetic Fusion process to UK-based Hockley Pattern & Tool.

The companies see the deal as a foundation for future opportunities, as they will work collaboratively to deliver

Titomic managing director, Jeff Lang said: “TKF for tooling has been proven to meet certifications and standards, positioning Titomic to revolutionise this global industry.

“Now, we’re excited to partner with Hockley Pattern – a global tooling leader – to make a strong entrance into the British and European markets”.

Globally, requirements for carbon fibre tooling are not being met, with tooling manufacturers’ order books full years in advance.

Titomic has undertaken extensive R&D to validate TKF to manufacture tooling with the company able to create large tooling components in weeks, rather than 6-12 months.

Traditional machining of Invar metal billets to manufacture tools sees up to 90 per cent of material wasted, and
casting produces tools which are porous, which reduces tool lifespan considerably.

To overcome these challenges, TKF manufactures near-net shape tools only require 10 per cent of material to be machined away, and
with only 0.5 per cent porosity, according to Titomic.

Head of Technical & Innovation at Hockley Pattern, Ian Eaves said: “HPL and its customers are keen to explore and embrace the benefits available through the adoption of the TKF process for their current and future tooling requirements.

“Reducing carbon footprint, quicker time to market and reliable supply are just some of the key benefits we hope to bring to our clients through our partnership with Titomic”

Picture: Hockley Pattern & Tool

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