Titomic enters European defence sector with new purchase order


Cold spray additive manufacturing business Titomic has announced receipt of a purchase order from the French Ministry of the Armed Forces for a D523 low-pressure cold spray system, worth 58,379 Euro ($99,168 at the time of the announcement.) 

The machine was purchased on behalf of the Fleet Support Service of the French Navy, and is expected to be used in the sustainment and maintenance of the navy’s fleet.

Cold spray uses compressed gas to accelerate metal or ceramic powders to supersonic speeds – blasting them onto a surface where they fuse together without melting into a liquid state – to form a coating or a part.

Though the size of the French order was small, the company’s Managing Director Herbert Koeck described it as a “notable achievement”. 

“This strategic entry into the European defence sector sets the stage for potential growth and  collaboration and provides a further platform to demonstrate Titomic’s innovative technology in the  European defence industry,” Koeck added.

Titomic said the sale represented both a significant entry into the European defence industry and establishment of “a compelling precedent for other navies globally”. 

Melbourne-headquartered Titomic recently debuted a new repair solution at the European Defense Agency’s Additive Manufacturing Village 2023 event this week in the Netherlands, incorporating “two cold spray units, a D523, and a robotised integrated spray booth” in a 20-foot shipping container.

Titomic acquired the D523 product line with its acquisition of cold spray company Dycomet Europe in 2021.

The company also creates larger-format cold spray machines and services based on these. Its products and services cover both additive manufacturing and coatings/repair using these machines. 

Picture: credit Titomic

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