Titomic in new sale to Airbus

Industrial scale metal additive manufacturing company Titomic has won a new customer in aerospace manufacturer Airbus.

The Melbourne 3D printing company will develop processes and materials to demonstrate the use its Titomic Kinetic Fusion (TKF) production system to manufacture parts and components.

The company will be paid $50,000 to create the first demonstration parts.

Managing director Jeff Lang said: “The TKF technology, the world’s largest and fastest industrial scale metal additive manufacturing process, is perfectly suited to produce near-net shape metal parts for the aerospace industry.

“(This uses) our patented process of fusing dissimilar metals that cannot be produced with either traditional fabrication methods, or melt-based 3D printers.”

Titomic’s business is based on its additive, Titomic kinetic fusion (TKF) production process in which supersonic particle deposition of metal powders creates industrial scale parts.

Its TKF 1000 additive manufacturing machine (pictured) creates parts without size constraints and with no heat-related distortion.

Pictures: Titomic

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