Titomic in new US defence tie-up

Large-scale additive manufacturing technology company Titomic has linked up with US defence R&D company Triton Systems to validate its Titomic Kinetic Fusion (TKF) technology for US defence projects.

The two companies have entered a strategic partnership which aims to develop innovative products and solutions under US defence department grant schemes – the department spends US$60 billion a year on R&D.

Triton is a venture company that back new products and new technologies in innovative areas of health care, engineering and materials.

Contracts and manufacturing opportunities may follow validation of projects by defence.

Titomic said in a statement: “In this case, the focus will be to enable products manufactured with Titomic’s TKF technology to meet stringent military requirements, including performance in temperature extremes, robustness, and durability under very demanding operating environments.”

This will entail development of new materials utilising the fusion of dissimilar metals, and the creation of components and products through additive manufacturing processes.

As part of the deal Triton is considering acquiring a TKF production system for installation in a Triton facility in the US.

In the meantime parts will be supplied from Titomic’s Melbourne plant.

Picture: Titomic

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