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Titomic to manufacture gun barrels in Australia

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Metal additive manufacturing company Titomic has teamed up with a Turkish supplier of manufacturing systems to establish gun barrel production in Australia.

Titomic and Repkon Machine and Tool Industry and Trade Inc have formed a joint venture to build a production facility in Australia at an un-named location.

It will manufacture ‘weapons systems barrels’ designed by Repkon and made using Titomic’s Kinetic fusion technology (TKF) additive manufacturing process.

According to Titomic: “This facility will substantially enhance Australian defence manufacturing capabilities for the supply of barrels globally.

“…This state of the art production facility will provide highly skilled job opportunities for advanced manufacturing technologies. as well as contribute to the national industry 4.0 agenda.”

REPKON makes metal forming machines and supplies complete production plants for metal forming.

Repkon’s Free Flowforming is a type of continuous cold forging, a process which has been used in aerospace and defence industries for more than 50 years.

Titomic interim CEO Norbert Schulz said the new factory was in line with the company’s strategy to become a global additive manufacturing solutions leader through JVs and working with customers.

Schulz said: “We are excited about the possibility of working with Repkon to manufacture barrels in Australia using our kinetic fusion technology, enhancing the Australian manufacturing ecosystem, creating jobs and working together with our partners to provide best in class products.”

Picture: Titomic

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