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Tivan progresses critical mineral fluorite project

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The board of mineral producer Tivan has resolved to progress the Speewah Fluorite Project and has begun a pre-feasibility study following the completion of an internal assessment.

Located in north-west Western Australia Speewah is the largest, highest grade vanadium in titanomagnetite resource in the world as well as housing an inferred resource of 27.2 million tonnes of calcium fluoride (CaF2) ore.

Fluorite was recently added to the Critical Minerals List in light of its role in energy transition and lack of production in country.

Fluorite is used to produce commercial grade fluorspar products and fluorine – industrial applications include steel, aluminium and chemical manufacturing as well as lithium ion batteries, solar cells and semiconductors.

Tivan told investors the pre-feasibility study (PFS) would assess the technical and economic feasibility of mining and processing to produce acid grade fluorspar, as well as mining, hydrology, tailings, engineering and economic studies.

Tivan Executive Chairman Grant Wilson (pictured) said: “In making the decision to progress to a pre-feasibility study the board recognised the strong synergies that exist with the Speewah Vanadium Project.

“This includes our extensive progress on long lead-time environmental items, our networking with global offtake partners, and our early and inclusive engagement with traditional owners.”

The PFS is expected to complete by June 2024.

Picture: Grant Wilson

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