Top countries for attracting international workers – inforgraphic

Australia has always relied on immigration to satisfy much of its requirement for highly skilled staff.

In recent years in Australia, for example, half of all new engineers joining the workforce have come from overseas – we just don’t train enough.

But it is not just companies, but nations that are in a global competition to attract the best and brightest – so how does Australia compare?

Today’s infographic, from Visual Capitalist and KDM Engineering, breaks down the top 25 countries in attracting high-skilled workers.

According to the data, Switzerland (#1) and Singapore (#2) are the two best countries for attaining and keeping high-skilled workers.

Australia is the eighth most desirable destination, attracting millions of skilled migrants.

We rank highly in our ability to attract and grow the skills of migrants, but relatively lowly in our regulatory environment and quality of life.

The subcategory ranks are defined as follows:

Enable: Status of regulatory and market landscapes in country

Attract: Ability to attract companies and people with needed competencies

Grow: Ability to offer high-quality education, apprenticeships, and training

Retain: Indicates quality of life in country

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