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Tradesales and Aquapax develop water supply technology

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Minesite solutions provider Tradesales and bulk water provider Aquapax have introduced a novel solution for drinking water systems in remote mining operations.

The capital investment required to establish drinking water systems at new mining sites remains a significant challenge, with the two companies developing a Bulk Water Hydration Station which addresses cost concerns while minimising environmental impact compared to traditional drilling.

Their Bulk Water Hydration Station is housed in a high cube container with an engineer-certified racking system, which enables the efficient storage and distribution of 1,000 litre capacity Aquapax pods.

The 20-foot model can accommodate eight pods, providing a total of 8,000 litres of fresh drinking water, while the 40-foot model can store up to 18 pods, supplying 18,000 litres of water.

Aquapax Managing Director Alex Carnasciali said: “The idea came from a client who was utilising our 1,000 litre water pods but wanted to scale up the system.

“We proposed integrating a series of pods into a relocatable site solution, utilising the space-efficient nature of the pods, which are the size of a standard pallet and can fit side by side in a shipping container.”

Tradesales’ National Sales Manager Jay McEwen said the solution was user-friendly.

“Our solution is manufactured with the best food-grade piping and pumps.

“It offers a straightforward setup that requires no specialised operation or maintenance.

“The pods are plumbed into a manifold at the top and bottom, ensuring a consistent supply of fresh drinking water by alternating between the top and bottom rows.”

According to the companies, scalability is a key advantage of the Bulk Water Hydration Station, making it suitable for sites requiring larger drinking water volumes, even during short periods such as construction or shutdowns.

Multiple units can be linked together, providing a flexible and adaptable solution.

The economic benefits of the Bulk Water Hydration Station are significant, with setup costs estimated by the companies to be approximately 80 per cent lower compared to traditional reverse osmosis units, according to a statement.

Moreover, Aquapax’s commitment to sourcing water from pristine natural springs in the Darling Scarp region near Perth ensures the highest purity and safety standards.

McEwen said: “In short, our solution is scalable, balance sheet friendly, simple to maintain, and better for your health.”

Picture: Tradesales

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