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Trajan expands with US software acquisition

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Global analytical science and device company Trajan Group Holdings has made another acquisition, this time of a specialised software business from California-based Sierra Analytics.

The Ringwood, Victoria company’s US subsidiary has entered into an agreement to buy Sierra’s HDExaminer software operations for $623,000.

The software is used in Hydrogen Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry (HDX-MS) which is used to study proteins and how they work.

Trajan is a leader in automating HDX-MS which is used to study protein structure and function, their interactions with drugs, protein diseases and the development of vaccines.

Trajan CEO Stephen Tomisich said bringing ownership of the HDX-MS software which Trajan distributes into the company would allow new investment to enhance ‘this powerful analytical platform’.

Tomisich said: “Together with our growing number of leading collaborators in the field of HDX-MS we expect to target several areas of the package to enable broader adoption of the technique along with enhancing the depth and value of protein structural information that can be delivered.”

Since its $50 million IPO in 2021 Trajan has been on an acquisition path, buying related companies Neoteryx, LEAP PAL Parts and Consumables, Axel Semrau and the MyHealth Test blood testing service.

Trajan operates seven manufacturing sites across the US, Australia, Europe and Penang, Malaysia.

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Picture: Stephen Tomisich

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