Trajan Scientific expands services offering

Analytical technology company Trajan Scientific and Medical has further extended its services offerings with the completion of the acquisition of the MyHealthTest blood testing service for an undisclosed sum.

The acquisition boosts Trajan’s ability to deliver analytical measurement services which complement the Melbourne company’s global technology, manufacturing and services offerings.

Trajan provides analytical and life science instruments, devices, and components to enable more selective, sensitive and specific measurement and analysis of biological, environmental and food samples.

MyHealthTest is a Canberra-based healthcare company that delivers analytical measurement services including dried blood spot (DBS) technology which allows people to take samples of their own blood for analysis. MyHealthTest DBS tests are available for diabetes and thyroid conditions.

Trajan will combine its Trajan Nutrition testing facility in Melbourne with MyHealthTest to form a new business unit to be called Trajan Analytical Services.

Trajan CEO Stephen Tomisich said today: “The acquisition of MyHealthTest is the next step for Trajan establishing the utility of its new and emerging disruptive tools for personalised preventative healthcare and data-based decision-making.

“By combining MyHealthTest with Trajan Nutrition, we are putting together the first building blocks in a future global Trajan Analytical Services business unit.

“It’s all part of our vision to embrace a world that delivers personalised, preventative healthcare through the empowerment of the individual.”

Picture: Trajan Scientific and Medical

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