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Tritium charges into Malaysian market

Manufacturing News

Fast DC electric vehicle charger manufacturer Tritium DCFC has announced that EV charger installer KuroEV has purchased Tritium fast chargers to be deployed across Malaysia.

With only 600 charging stations currently available for the over 10,000 EVs registered in the country, Tritium’s entry into the Malaysian market comes at a crucial time.

However did not reveal how many chargers were to be purchased.

The Malaysian government has recognised the need for increased EV charging infrastructure and has pledged to build 10,000 EV charging stations by 2025 in partnership with the private sector.

This initiative is part of the government’s broader goal to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, which includes targets for 30 percent renewable energy capacity by 2025 and maintaining 50 percent of the nation’s land as natural forest.

Tritium CEO Jane Hunter said the purchase would increase the company’s charger footprint in our region.

Hunter said: “Our fast chargers will provide reliable, high-quality charging solutions to EV drivers in Malaysia, and we look forward to supporting KuroEV in their efforts to create a comprehensive charging network across the country.”

KuroEV plans to deploy Tritium chargers at various locations throughout Malaysia, including offices, shopping malls, and commercial hubs.

The company also intends to create its own charging network in the future, featuring solar, on-site energy storage, EV charging, cafes, and other premium services available at their sites.

KuroEV Founder Ken Too said: “With Tritium’s fast chargers, we can provide a seamless and reliable charging experience to EV drivers across the country, helping to accelerate the transition to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

“This investment is just the first step in our plans to create a world-class charging network that combines solar, storage, and other innovative technologies to offer a truly premium charging experience.”

KuroEV offers affordable lease-to-own options to help businesses install chargers and launch charge point operator businesses.

Picture: Tritium

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