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Tritium moves in on NZ REV charger market with new partner

Manufacturing News

DC electric vehicle fast charger manufacturer Tritium DCFC has announced a strategic partnership with energy infrastructure business Jump Charging to expand access to fast charging infrastructure in New Zealand.

The move takes advantage of the low penetration of fast charging options in the country, which has only 350 public charging stations in the country, or one for every 200 EVs registered in New Zealand.

To address this gap, the New Zealand government plans DC fast chargers every 75 kilometres along state highways, with priority given to high-powered public charging hubs.

Tritium’s partner Jump Charging is developing a network with Tritium fast chargers, with plans for an an initial 20 fast charging hubs followed by the rapid deployment of further sites nationwide.

Tritium CEO Jane Hunter said that innovation was critical to accelerating the transition to a low-carbon future in NZ.

Hunter said: “(Jump Charging’s) skid-mounted solution for rapid installation of fast charging stations developed by Jump Charging is a prime example of the innovative technology solutions needed to creatively address the demand for EV charging infrastructure in New Zealand.

“By providing cutting-edge charging technology as well as maintenance, training, and support for our partners, we are committed to building a comprehensive and reliable EV charging ecosystem that will help New Zealand reach its net-zero emissions reduction goals.”

Jump Charging offers its customers flexible purchase, lease, and partnership models, and they manage and maintain all sites on the Jump Charging network to ensure a reliable and consistent level of service for all electric vehicles.

The first of these sites is an EV charging hub at the new Agritech Business Park in Rakaia, Canterbury.

The first stage of this project will include two of Tritium’s modular 150kW fast chargers, each capable of simultaneous vehicle charging to service both passenger and fleet vehicles on site.

Jump Charging director Alex Watson commented said: “At Jump Charging, our goal is to move New Zealand away from fossil fuels, so choosing a proven EV fast charging partner we could rely on was crucial.

“We are proud to partner with Tritium, as we know that their DC fast chargers are world-leading in both quality and reliability.”

Picture: Tritium

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