Two Fleet Space IoT micro-satellites to be launched from NZ.

US rocketry company Rocket Lab is to launch two Adelaide-made micro-satellites from its NZ launch complex ‘in the coming weeks’.

Adelaide’s Fleet Space Technologies’ Proxima 1 and 2 micro-satellites will be sent into space where they will test its software-defined data transmission radios.

Fleet Space plans a network of more than 100 nanosatellites which will provide an Internet of Things (IoT) space network for enterprises across the world.

Fleet’s ground terminal, Portal enables businesses to connect up to a thousand devices to private, secure Low Power Wide Area Networks anywhere around the world.

The announcement was made on Linkedin by Flavia Tata Nardini, CEO of Fleet Space.

“To see our first commercial CubeSats launched is an incredibly important milestone for us as a business, and it sets us on the path to achieving our goal of connecting Australia, and the world, in ways like never before,” she said.

Rocket Lab has developed rockets capable of sending multiple micro-satellites into space simultaneously and operates a launch facility at Mahia in NZ.

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