UNSW AI Institute launched

University of NSW Sydney launched its new UNSW AI Institute on Tuesday, which it says will support the activities of over 300 of its academics working in AI across all of its faculties.

Interim director Associate Professor Haris Aziz said the newly-launched centre was taking a synergistic approach involving activities across AI, machine learning, and data science.

“The envisioned impact has multiple dimensions, including fostering interdisciplinary connections for both teaching and research, participation in public dialogue on AI, and driving the commercialisation of our research,” said Aziz. 

“The interdisciplinary aspect is fundamental to our vision which is why we are excited to have participation from all the faculties.”

Professor Toby Walsh, the institute’s Chief Scientist, said it was the most exciting time in his 40-year career to be working in the field.

“We are seeing these technologies leave the laboratory and enter our homes, offices, and factories,” said Walsh.

According to a statement from the university hosting the new institute, attendees at the launch included Stela Solar, Director of the National AI Centre at CSIRO’s Data61; Professor Peter Bartlett, Head of Research at Google Australia; and Chief Data Scientist at the NSW Department of Customer Service.  Dr Ian Oppermann.

Picture: Walsh (on left) and Aziz (image credit: UNSW)

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