US, Japan Australia to develop missile defence – Biden


US President Joe Biden has revealed that Japan and the United States and Australia will create a networked system of air, missile, and defense architecture.

Biden gave no details however the development is seen as a step towards Japan joining Pillar 2 of the AUKUS agreement with the United Kingdom, US and Australia.

Pillar 1 of AUKUS is the construction of nuclear submarines in Australia, while Pillar 2 covers collaboration developing technologies including AI, hypersonics, cyber security and quantum technologies.

Speaking at a media conference with Prime Minister Kishida Fumio of Japan, Biden said that the nations were also planning a trilateral military exercise with Japan and the United Kingdom.

Biden said: “And our AUKUS defense partnership with Australia and the United Kingdom is exploring how Japan can join our work in the second pillar, which focuses on advanced capabilities, including AI, autonomous systems.

“All told, that represents a new benchmark for our military cooperation across a range of capabilities.”

Prime Minister Kishida hosed down his country joining Pillar 2 immediately.

Kisiuda said through an intepreter: “Our country — we want to contribute to the peace and stability of the region, and therefore, we have consistently supported AUKUS.

“Having said that, the participants of AUKUS — US, UK, Australia — with such countries’ bilateral relationships or in multilateral occasions, we have established various relationships.

“But for Japan, to have a direct cooperation with AUKUS, nothing has been decided at this moment.”

Kishida said that going forward with the three AUKUS partners, Japan would continue cooperation.

“So that they will continue to be considered.

“At the moment, about the relationship between Japan and AUKUS, that’s it.”

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