USQ announces $500K investment in composites equipment

The University of Southern Queensland has announced a $500,000 investment in composite research equipment for its Centre for Future Materials, which operates a test service for more than 1,000 business clients.


A statement from the university says it will support industry projects involving composite railway transoms, next-generation pultrusion, and filament wound cryogenic tanks.


The investment includes the following equipment.


  • TA Instruments HR-2 Discovery Hybrid Rheometer represents the latest technological breakthroughs in rheology, combining rheometer and Dynamic Mechanical Analysis in Film/Fiber Tension, 3 Point Bending, Cantilever Bending, and compression. The environmental test chamber, together with the unique three stage air chiller system, provides the precise temperature control from -100oC to 600oC. Temperature range can be extended to 160°C with optional liquid nitrogen control.

  • Nicolet iS50 FT-IR spectrometer provide a powerful analytical tool for the real-time deformulation of polymeric materials. The FI-IR spectrometer is interfaced either with Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) or Flammability and Flame Toxicity Test

  • Netzsch DEA288 Ionic is equipped with custom made sensors for monitoring through-thickness cure, temperature and pressure during composite manufacturing. The equipment digitalises composite manufacture with in-process cure optimisation supporting Industry 4.0.


Picture: filament-wound carbon fibre tube from


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