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UTS Sydney to launch Industry 4.0 focused degree

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UTS, Sydney is partnering with the federal government to launch a new associate degree programme to help accelerate the implementation of industry 4.0 principles in Australian business.

The new two-year associate degree, part of the government’s Covid-19 response in its Job-Ready Graduate Package, aims to strengthen university/industry collaboration through collaborative partnerships.

The associate degree will provide high-level technical skills and articulate directly into a Bachelor’s degree if desired.

Student fees for the first 20 students will be paid for by the federal government.

Skills covered include additive manufacturing, the internet of (IoT), machine learning and artificial intelligence, as well as technological innovation new business models.

UTS said in a statement: “Employers need to strategically reposition workplace training and skills to keep pace with these technological and business management innovations, and meet demands of competitive markets and environmental sustainability.”

There will be a balance of theoretical and practical teaching, backed up by supplier partners including Bosch, Balluff and Siemens.

The university is calling for candidates currently employed in manufacturing and other sectors.

Inquiries to [email protected].

Picture: UTS Sydney/Business School

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