Valiant Space in-orbit propulsion system launched


Valiant Space’s first propulsion system is now orbiting in space where it is a key part of the Optimus Orbital Servicing Vehicle (OSV) built by Space Machines Company (SMC).

Valiant VS-1 thruster flew to space on a SpaceX Falcon 9 as part of the OSV and will be performing numerous orbit changing manoeuvres for SMC’s mission.

It is the first Australian bi-propellant propulsion system to fly to space, on board the largest Australian spacecraft ever to launch, according to Valiant.

The CEO and founder of Valiant Andrew Uscinski said: “This has been an incredible opportunity to demonstrate an Australian first capability on such a large scale.

“We are excited to have delivered this system to the Space Machines team and look forward to together demonstrating Valiant’s propulsion technologies in orbit.”

Valiant’s supply contract culminated in a rigorous qualification and acceptance testing campaign towards the end of 2023 which included successfully firing multiple 45 seconds burns.

“Being able to fire our thrusters for long continuous burns reduces large orbital manoeuvres to just one operation.”

“Ultimately, this saves our customers time and money by getting their satellite assets into the right orbit quickly.”

Included on the launch are multiple of Valiant’s Coaxial Solenoid Valves (CSVs), which the company is now exporting internationally.

Uscinski said: “This mission will see us put our propulsion system, and all of its subcomponents, through their paces.

“The mission will demonstrate our VS-1 thruster as well as the control and feed system components that have been manufactured right here in our Brisbane facility.

“Along with the SMC team and their partners, this will be a truly impressive all-Australian mission.”

The development of the launched propulsion system has been supported by the Australian Space Agency’s Moon to Mars Supply Chain Capability Grant programme.

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