Vaulta powers up in battery recycling


Brisbane battery technology company Vaulta has received its first international investment as its aim to close the loop on a circular economy through recyclable batteries goes global.

Vaulta, a three-year-old company founded by design engineer Dominic Spooner, creates recyclable batteries from no-weld, easy-to-disassemble cases.

These cases allow for internal cells to be removed, recycled and reused, saving the unit from being lost to landfill. New cells can also be added as battery technology continues to evolve.

Now Niocycle, a Turkish-based company dedicated to making lithium-ion batteries more circular, has invested in Vaulta, whose battery applications range from stationary storage and electric vehicles to Defence.

Spooner called the partnership a meeting of like minds, noting they would team up on development of battery products with recycling in mind.

Spooner said: “This investment essentially closes the loop on where batteries can go in the future.

“Our technology creates the capacity to rescue batteries that may traditionally have ended up in landfill, while Niocycle is similarly dedicated to ensuring they have more than a single life.”

Spooner said the partnership with Niocycle was a vote of confidence in Vaulta’s work, and would allow for a joint focus on business development across the Asia-Pacific, as well as the US and Europe.

“Validation from recycling is critical to Vaulta’s success.

“If recyclers see the value, ultimately it can be shown to the customers that it is a better-performing product for industry, both now and in the future.”

Niocycle cofounder and CEO Taha Uluhan said the two companies together could create a 100 percent circular battery, from cell to pack and back to active materials again.

“We are looking forward to working together to create a better and more sustainable world for generations to come.”

The partnership announcement comes alongside recent news of a $250,000 investment in Vaulta by ASX-listed clean energy investment firm Renu Energy.

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